Why Adam Morey (and my Tribe) totally rocks…

Today, I got another job rejection, this one from Ford’s Theatre. I don’t know what is worse…losing out on the job opportunity, or losing out to a candidate who had written a screenplay about Lincoln’s assassination for his college thesis, had read every book about Lincoln that is available…oh yeah, and knows five different programming languages.

Seriously…how did I make the first cut?!

After a four mile walk, I got on Twitter and vented a bit. I asked “Why was I up for this job again?”

This was the reply from Adam Morey

This desktop is available in the following dimensions:

1024 x 768
1600 x 1200

And this is why I remain positive. My fans are teh awesome. Thank you, Adam, for this (and other cool podcaster wallpapers) pick-me-up; and major thanks to my TwitterTribe for getting me through a very, very tough year…


  1. I completely agree, Adam is the best!!!


  2. That background is great. And I looked at his flickr feed, very nice stuff.
    But would I be too big a fanboy if I put this one on my computer? (I ask in a very sarcastic tone)


  3. Personally, I would be honored! Now if _I_ were to have it as my desktop, THAT would be a bit much. *LOL*


  4. Well I have been needing a new background….
    Seriously I have never had much artistic background and his work is good. *In best Al Capone Voice ala Orion* Hey, i might need to call on you in the future. You get me?


  5. Hahaha, well then. I will have to come up with something truly worthy to say. But I have to say something about the latest Morevi. Wow.


  6. Pip, we shall see. I might be able to whip something up for the Dark Goddess…


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