MicroBrewed: The Reboot

After enjoying a slot in Charlie the Beer Guy’s Speaking of Beer, Phil Rossi and I decided to take all this content we’ve been producing for well-on two years and turn it into our own show. Launching the TeeMorris.com Monster Feed is MicroBrewed, two guys who revel in their geekdom and enjoy the micro-brewed beers they drink. Recorded last night from Clyde’s in Loudon County, Virginia, we reboot the podcast within a podcast…and fly on our own with only a pint glass and our rapier wits as our co-pilots…

Heaven help us!


Featured Microbrews

Concerning Clyde’s. Just take a look at this place…
(click on the images for a better look)

And just so you know what it is we are nomming on during the recording…

Some of the topics we hit:

  • Clyde’s
  • Is Stella Atois really a “microbrew” considering its history?
  • The demise of Dominion
  • What you can expect from Microbrewed?

Thanks for listening, and feel free to leave comments for Phil and myself here. Sláinte!


  1. Hm the company making Stella is the worlds biggest brewingcompany just bought ahb so if that is a micro brew than your ideas of the world of beer are more warped than the FDOs on worlsdomination 😉 Good show otherwise and yes Stella is a pilsner typ beer. If you come to Dublin (the original one ont the imitation in Ohio) there are some nice microbrews here were the time passes rather easy.


  2. And this is proof that we merely enjoy the brews, but we don’t know as much as we should about them! *LOL*

    Trust us, there will be more proper microbrews to come….


  3. While I don’t tend to drink beer nice cast none the less. I will listen when they start coming.


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