View from the Quad: The MOREVI Exit Interview (Part Two)

Here is the conclusion of the exit interview
hosted by Cian McMahon
and featuring Philippa Ballantine
Thanks again to the View from the Quad podcast
for hosting this live call-in event.

VFTQ 130 – MOREVI interview part 2 can be downloaded at Part one can be downloaded for free here, or at the link at the end of the shownotes

ANOTHER extra long episode, this time with the second half of the Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine. In this half, the phone in really gets going, with lots of callers with amusing and intriguing questions.ALSO, we have an EXCLUSIVE about an amazing “Steampunk CSI” project Tee and Pip are working on! In my words, “That sounds so awesome!”


Same drinking rules apply, with two additions. Here is the revised list.

-Tee blows his nose.

-Pip punches Tee or Tee says “Owwwwwwwh!”

-Tee drinks Tea.

-Cian, Pip, Tee or any of the phone-in guests make a terrible joke which bombs, and Cian edits out the silence to make it sound less terrible.

-Anybody refers to the “Tee Morris… You Are Muted” meme from the last call-in show I did with him

-Tee makes a mistake as too what is possible in an online game. (This should put you back no more then four or so drinks. Maybe Tee needs to listen to Starting WoW!)

-Cian lies to a guest caller about his ability to pronounce their name

Links – Part 1 of this epically long interview – Tee Morris’s website – Morevi: Remastered – Pip’s site

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