Stranger on a Train III

I know I’m not alone here, but I am hitting a brick wall figuratively…and now I’m considering it literally. Next to the picture of me is the job description of my latest rejection.

Two books in Social Media related fields, a third on the way.

Ten years of teaching experience, including courses in Social Media related fields.

Speaking engagements including the Library of Congress, the New Media Expo, Book Expo America, and coming this summer LIANZA (New Zealand)

Years of experience with audio and video software and hardware.

All this, and I’m blogging from my iPhone on a train…

Yeah…I’m apparently lacking the experience and skills you need, Mr Washingtonian needing a Social Media Manager. Frel you!

A bittersweet end to what was one astounding week. My first professional blog entry went live this week with Apple iPhone Apps and as you saw in the earlier rant LIANZA has booked me for FIVE talks in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand. So while the DC employers dismiss me, the Kiwis are rolling out the red carpet.

Maybe they just dig my accent.

I also found out that I am AHEAD in All a Twitter, so I want to use this weekend to stay ahead of the game. I also got a pat on the back from Wired Pig for using this WordPress iPhone app on what seems to be a really popular segment.

You know what? I dig blogging. I’ve been pretty steamed about the rejection, but sorting through it all, it’s their loss. Those idiots could have hired me, and gotten a return on their investment. Their loss. Not mine.

I’m Tee Morris, and I am hardly down, out, or defeated. I am just warming up in the batter’s circle. Go deep.


  1. Hey Mr iPhone App Guru, is there a way to be notified if new apps come out matching a specific set of parameters (could be done as keywords, categories, whatever). I’m so fed up with a lack of something I’m having my husband write it for me, but of course if I find it beforehand I’ll save him the trouble 😉 (It does not exist, at least publicly, now — but as he plans to sell it if he does have to go through the hassle of writing it he doesn’t want me to disclose the subject matter lest someone else steal his — ahem, *MY* — idea). Silly boi.

    Muchas gracias for any answers you may have!

    BTW I am both returning to podcasting and moving closer to your neck of the woods soon so maybe our paths will begin to cross much more. It’s been a few years…

    Best of luck in the job hunt!! I just hope my husband doesn’t have as much trouble finding work as you. In this job market I fear we may be living with my parents til *we* are eligible to retire and they’re shriveled and ancient but still drawing a pension in order to support us! *shudder*


  2. As far as being notified, I would set up a Google Search and see what comes back that way. And why not — subscribe to Apple iPhone Apps and watch the skies. You never know what will drop from it.

    Good luck and keep me up to speed on the whereabouts of you in the world!


  3. Swing for the fences Cap. All the best hitters have a number of strikeouts as well. In the end, it is the batter that is remembered, and the nameless pitchers that are a footnote in their story. (yeah yeah, I’m not saying there haven’t been famous pitchers too, but you get the point =P) Good luck and am truly enjoying the “Stranger on a Train” blog! Keep it going!


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