Stranger on a Train VII

The closer I get to New Zealand, the weirder my life becomes.

In the past two days I’ve received two interviews next week. Am I excited? Not sure. I don’t want to afford myself that luxury only to face another disappointment. What’s making one of the interviews partucularly intriguing is the woman in need of a Social Media Mr. Miagi actually found me in a LinkedIn search.

I’ll say that again: She came to me.

All this with less than two weeks to go fo rmy trip to New Zealand. I really wanted the days before Balticon to be stress-free. I really did.

My friend and fellow Fantasy-Comedic author, Christiana Ellis, is premiering “Nina Kimberly the Merciless” today, and it turns out her Uk Horde broke Amazon. You go, Nina!

My EalC — nearly done. At the rate I was going, I was going to crack the 10K mark, but I went back, made a few hard decisions, and now I’m aiming for 8500. I’ll have to see if there’s anything else to cut. Short stories are hard, Lt. Dan. The story has been a real blessing. It’s gearing me up for some other touch calls I’ll be making soon.

And tomorrow I get a new MacBook Pro, replacing my seven year old PowerBook workhorse. Seven years. “We have heard the chimes at midnight…the days we have seen…”

Considering the books I’ve written, the articles I’ve submitted, and the amazing things I’ve done on this machine, could it be possible I’ve gotten a little sentimental towards it?



  1. It’s done good service, and like a cavalry man with his horse, or course you are attached to it. It’s why we give them names after all.


  2. It’s a mac. ‘nough said. Besides, if morevi or billi were even partly composed on it, I’ll place a bid!


  3. Odin, you are FAN-Frelling-TASTIC for my ego! And as far as what has been composed on it….

    1. Billi 1 & 2 were both edited on it.
    2. Billi was laid out in InDesign on it.
    3. Articles were composed on it for the “Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy” series.
    4. Articles were composed on it for and Blogger and Podcaster Magazine.
    5. Notes on many, many podcasts were written on it.

    Good times, bro. Good times.


  4. Hey Tee,
    Just an interesting little tidbit for you. I know you life is very busy, but with your upcoming New Zealand trip. I thought this might be something to see.

    Spike TV has a show called Deadliest Warrior that takes two types of warriors and puts them against each other. Using a Knight vs Pirate for example, they show how well a suit of plate defends against a musket ball and things like that. Very Mythbusters like but a cool show.

    Well this Tuesday, May 19 at 10 (Eastern) the show will be comparing a Shoalin Monk vs. Maori Warrior. Just thought it might be good for a break if you got the chance.

    So torn who to go for though…


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