Stranger on a Train XI

I’m giving this app a quick test. I’ve been worried about whether or not I will be able to blog on tomorrow, the final Stranger on a Train for…well…some time. I’m not going to say I will never blog from my iPhone again; and with how many people grok this category…

You know, I got that feeling. There will be other trains, other adventures, other voyages.

Tomorrow is it — my last day as a teacher. It’ll be interesting if I’m ever asked to present. It’s been great. Another return to New Zealand? I hope so. Really loved the trip, the people, the experiences…

Listening to Nathan Lowell’s South Coast. Man, can that guy tell a story or what?


  1. As a presenter, I expect, well, no, I’m positive, you will be called on to present again. It might be a while, but it will happen. And when it does, if will feel like putting on an old comfortable pair of jeans.

    Thanks for sharing these rides with us. I know that I, and I’m sure many, many others, have enjoyed them very much.

    I am looking forward to seeing where your new paths take you and will be looking forward for those tales.

    Enjoy the ride!


  2. Always other trains, always other adventures. Look, you’re starting one more on Monday!

    Take care and savor that last ride home from school, bro!


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