A New Look and a New Venture

As you may have noticed, in the midst of edits for Of Cogs & Corsets, planning the trip to FenCon in September, and launching a brand new podcast (more on that later), I have decided to finally upgrade my blog to Thesis. So please, mind the dust and ever-growing changes as I try to get this site into some kind of order.

A lot is going on with me right now, hence the lack of blogposts here. Right now, one of the biggest developments for me as a writer (and now, I guess, independent publisher?) is my jump into the digital arena.

Well more like push. Between Pip and Laurie, they both got sick of me waiting at the end of the high dive.

Of course, digital publishing is nothing new to me, if you consider the Tales from the Archives podcast and my previous podiobooks as digital (audio) publications; but it’s a fact that not everyone listens to podcast fiction. Some still prefer to physically read what I write, and I’m more than okay with that. So with Pip working the fu at Smashwords and Amazon, we’re releasing 99¢ short stories, and I’ve got two on the market with more to come.

My Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences’ short story “Darkest before the Darkwater” just went live yesterday on the podcast, but I pre-released it as one of the Ministry’s 99-Penny Dreadfuls. “Darkest before the Darkwater” along with providing a look into the world of the Ministry is also a preview of my current work in progress. You might recognize the protagonist, and get an idea of what direction I’m intending to take him in this reboot of MOREVI. You can be assured there will be more Ministry shorts will come out from both Pip and myself, and some might even make it to our future 2012 project, Tales from the Archives: Volume 2.

If you’re wanting something steamier than my steampunk, you’re in luck as Pip’s releasing her Erotica ala Carte short stories as eBooks. She’s including in her first wave of erotica my superhero short, “Release Me.”  My other Erotica ala Carte offering “Dagger of the Mind” is slated for sometime in the future, but the release on that is entirely Pip’s call.

For those of you enjoying your digital short fiction on iPad and Nook, Smashwords is catching up with our releases, so stick close to either my blog or Pip’s, and we’ll keep you in the loop on what we release and when it is available.

If you are curious as to why we are releasing our stories 99¢ at a time as opposed to anthologies, I think you might want to have a listen to a new podcast Pip and I have just started. It’s called The Shared Desk, a blending of Pip’s Whispers at the Edge with my blast-from-the-past The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy. We’ve been wanting to do a writing podcast for a few months now, and finally we sat down and fired up the mics. If you have a listen share your thoughts (and questions) with us on that blog or on the show’s voice mail.

So yes, I’m still out here, being productive. Maybe this weekend, with that extra day and no Dragon*Con, I might just get another blogpost or two in the hopper. Much like a podcast, it always feels good to get a blogpost out.


    1. OFL Sorts Mill Goudy

      And according to Thesis, it is a web safe and Google-friendly font.

      Things are starting to take shape here. A few more tweaks, and I’ll be happy.


  1. Cool! Thanks.

    I shall have to go back and look at the fonts available in Thesis. I think I may have missed some good ones.

    Does look like you need to re-distribute your widgets between your sidebars. I look forward to seeing how things develop.



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