Thank you, Peter O'Toole...

Yesterday, a star fell. He’s always been one of my favorite actors, and with a biography entitled Loitering with Intent, you know he got up to some shenanigans. When I […]

Stranger on a Train XXV

An entirely different kind of day. First day back to work for a lot of people today, and you can tell everything just feels different. I saw a lot of […]

A day of surprises. Started a brief gig today without knowing a lot of the details. This is why I’m on the last train out of DC and into Virginia. […]


“Remember, remember the Fifth of November.” Election Day 2013.   See you at the polls.

Just because I was in a mood...

Following a terrific chat concerning my post on Heroes of Cosplay, I was inspired to make this… Mondays are always way easier with a touch of goofiness.