On the Arguments of “Cosplay Is Consent” and “Fake Geek Girls”

So I’m about to leave Facebook to get back to editing when this image from Being a Geek (via Lauren Harris) popped into my feed…


I now post this for creative ladies like Lauren, Raven, Riddle, JennJean, AlexiaFreddie and cosplayers everywhere.  Some of these incredible creators I know. Some are total strangers to me. All of them are fans through and through, dedicating their time and talent to bring their favorite characters of comics, film, and television to life.

And no, they’re not doing it to get attention, score dates, or lure you into a bed strewn with roses. These ladies—and the guys who also cosplay—do what they do for the love of the genre and for the love of those characters.

They are also writers, gamers, and artists.

If you believe this, stop this sort of sexism when you see it. Whether it is Dragon*Con, Comic Con, or an entirely new convention, this kind of idiocy needs to be called out. After all, that is what the Science Fiction-Fantasy-Horror community is all about — acceptance.

Time we start practicing it.


  1. Hear, hear! We all need to do our part to balance out the self-entitled persons whose contribution to the genre is their vast collection of negative comments.

    Cosplayers take their time, money, and energy to create a magical, living experience and share it with you for free. Even at its lowest level, cosplay shares an enthusiasm for the genre. What gives anyone the right to demand more?



  2. Back in the 80’s when dudes dressed up in Starfleet uniforms, they sure didn’t do it to get girls. So what guy in their right mind thinks girls dress up to get guys? Is it because geekdom used to be perceived as a 90% guy thing, and now that more girls are getting into it, the guys think the girls are there for them? I can’t even put myself in that frame of mind to understand it. I thought Geeks just did stuff ’cause it’s FUN.


  3. I don’t doubt that there are genuine female cosplayers. But I’m willing to bet a significant number are actually hired by these conventions to simply walk the floor, or are aspiring models who have found a unique niche to cater to. My reason for thinking this comes from how some cosplayers costumes are often designed, with an overtly sexualized appearance and an emphasis on certain physical attributes. It’s kind of like when you see “sexy” costumes during Halloween. Often they will be wearing less clothing than their male counterparts. A male Ghostbuster will be wearing the usual overalls, and female will be wearing overalls with the zip pulled down and a pushup bra underneath. The thing is, there are a lot of young, horny guys who go the these conventions, guys who would certainly be interested in visiting whatever sites these supposed cosplayers are running. And that’s who I think people are complaining about. Someone in a full Stormtrooper outfit is probably a cosplayer. Someone in a Stormtrooper helmet and plastic bra probably isn’t.


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