Endless Possibilities Blog Tour 2014: Nancy S. Kyme asks “Are You a Writer?”

Part of me is so flipping excited about this Endless Possibilities blog tour! Makes me happier than Coke executives the day after airing a Super Bowl commercial reflecting on what makes America great! 

What? Too soon?

Anyway, it has been a real kick introducing you to my fellow authors at Write by the Rails; but I just hope that when all is said and done, you’ll stick around for more musings from the TeeMonster, right? I’ve got to get some posts in the hopper for when it is just me, but until then continue to comment and syndicate on these  terrific and talented individuals. Today the blog belongs to my hostess from earlier this week, Nancy S. Kyme. She is the author of Memory Lake, the Forever Friendships of Summer, a 2012 Next Generation Award Winning memoir and she comes out of the blogger’s box swinging with a pretty deep question for you. 

Heck, on some days, it’s a deep question for me…

18691SD2“Click, tap-tap-tap. Click,” my fingers shifted across the keyboard.  “Clang,” the grandfather clock in the hall chimed one.  “Why am I still awake?” I whispered.

Oh, I see it now.

That last sentence must go to the front of the paragraph.  It no longer needs the second sentence.  Perfect.  My point is made in fewer words and the chapter is almost polished.  I hit ‘save.’ I closed the Toshiba, tip-toed upstairs, and into bed.

The alarm would go off in four hours. 

My husband would hit the shower and ten minutes after that my neighbor would be standing in my driveway in her winter coat, gloves, and running shoes, waiting for me to appear.  The wind howled outside as I laid my head on the pillow.  I hoped it would settle down before that turn to the north on our four mile trek through the neighborhood. I would dream of the landscape needed for the next chapter.  I closed my eyes and went into the miasma of my imagination, still writing.

I woke at the loud, blinking tone. “The kids will get the last of that smoked turkey in their lunches,” I said, first thing.  Our spaniel raced me downstairs after I’d piled on the layers. All the way up I95 to work, I am writing in my head.  All the way back down I95, when the traffic stalls, I jot notes.  Waiting for the kids to run to the car, I write in my head. They talk about their day. I listen. One of them says exactly what I need in that one section of dialogue to make it real.  I grab the notepad and write it down.  Before long, the grandfather clock is chiming midnight and I’m up too late again.  Tomorrow is Friday.  The soccer game is late on Saturday.  I will sleep then.

I don’t know where all this writing will lead.  I don’t know where all my running will lead.  I once took a quiz entitled, “Are You a Runner?”  In the end, the answer was ‘yes’ if you had to get out there every day.  Speed didn’t matter.  Prevailing wisdom didn’t matter.  Even if a doctor told you not to, and you did it anyway, you were a runner.  I think the same applies to writing.

memory_lakeThere are no kids to make lunches for anymore.  Our spaniel is in that white city I dream about occasionally, and my neighbor has moved away.  I wake without an alarm.  I walk now instead of run.  I get out there after the sun has risen.  I only drive four miles to work instead of fifteen.  I have produced a published work.  I hope to have another.  But, it doesn’t matter.  I get up every day and write.

I am a writer.


Nancy S. Kyme is the author of Memory Lake, the Forever Friendships of Summer, a 2012 Next Generation Award Winning memoir.  When childhood friends plan to meet at a camp reunion thirty years after their adventures together at summer camp, a fun, inspirational journey begins in which the reader is immersed into summer, youth, and the warmth of meaningful friendships.  Present day challenges and past outdoor adventures are woven into an unforgettable tale of friends overcoming fear and grief through joy and laughter.

After checking out her book, continue the walk along Memory Lake at this companion blog…


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  1. That is a GREAT Post about how writing can become the be all, end all of our lives when our characters and our story come calling. Wonderful post!


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