Two Minutes of Purest Awesome with Tom Hiddleston

I keep thinking that actor Tom Hiddleston will hit a peak. You know? It seems as if he just kicked off on the right foot when he appeared opposite Kenneth Branagh in Wallander, charmed geeks everywhere when he posed for a candid shot with a young Avenger, and then made a lasting impression as Loki at this year’s ComicCon in San Diego. I honestly thought that Tom Hiddleston could not get more awesome.

How I underestimated the actor behind the Trickster God and young Prince Hal…

Tom — please don’t ever change.

And now for something completely different…

Yes, I disabled the comments.


Because some of the comments on the YouTube channels go out of their way to spoil what is something positive from the White House. Therefore, in light of the mudslinging and Fox News treatment of President Barack Obama, I’m preserving this little moment of bad-assery for what it is — a flawless gem.

And if you’re a fan of blues, it’s all the sweeter.

If you want to slam me or slam this moment, you can do it on your blog or elsewhere. Or, you can enjoy some righteous blues.

Your choice.