What exaxtly is Geek Chic?

I was inspired to put this post together after visiting Nerd Girls. (Thank you, ladies.) Something about witty, intelligent women in glasses just makes me all tingly…


Today, as you know, I’m about to head off to Anime USA for a weekend of geeking. When I tell co-workers about the weekend, I get the awkward smile, the nod of the head, and a quick “Well, you have fun. I’ve got to get back to…” accompanied with a quick scuttle off. Sadly, this is the assumption people assume about anything geek. It’s just…weird.

However, if you stop for a moment and took a look at who is attending (if not organizing) these geekfests, you might find that being geek is not only hip, it is drop-dead sexy.

Meet Carrie Seidman. Artist, scotch connoisseur, and anime geek…

She is also one of the organizers of Anime USA, as well as an organizer for Anime Boston.

Then you have performance artist, writer, and photographer, J.R. Blackwell…


And do you remember when glasses were considered geeky? That was before “Specs Appeal”…

The geek on your left is a graphic designer who runs her own studio. The one on your right is an award-nominated author and podcaster.

This is the kind of stuff you will find in Geek Chic. This is my little corner of the blog dedicated to the sexy, savvy, and downright cool things found in a geek’s lifestyle. Whether it is tech, Science Fiction, new toys from Apple, or just something that makes me smile and embrace my nerdiness, you’ll find it here.

So, the next time you think geek can’t be sexy, I leave you with this image…

See you at the cons.


  1. All I can say is… “DAMN! Where do I get me a Geek Chick?!”


  2. Embrace your inner-geek and start hitting the convention circuit.

    And clocking in time with either Mythbusters or the new Doctor Who is only going to help you.

    Good luck!


  3. Mmmm. I dunno about you but that last pic seriously had the Dark Side of the Force within me stirring. I mean seriously, what a great recruitment poster girl for The Empire. 🙂

    Sexy librarians in glasses, always a winner for me.

    I always spend time with Myth Busters and Doctor Who. Hell, I’ve even got my own Sonic Screwdriver. Had it sent out to me from the UK, because it’s not available here in Australia.


  4. OMG, you can totally see through that chainmail. O_O That’s totally sexy. Wish I could get me an anime chick like that.


  5. Keep hitting the cons, sir. The hot, geeky chicks are out there. But as for this one…

    Nope, she’s married. Her hubby is one lucky, lucky man!


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