KrakensQuest: Episode #08 — The Art Lesson

It’s 2009…and the Quest continues….

Dammit, that means I need
to re-record the KarkensQuest promo.

KrakenThief and I grappled together on Twitter concerning the previous episode and miscommunication, but alas — I understand now what it was that KrakenThief was attempting to do. KrakenThief was sending me on a second quest, a quest for truth, for understanding, for inspiration…

And yes, I found my inspiration to carry on in my search for #68:

Who says you can’t learn something from great art?
Click on the image to view full-size on Flickr.

So we enter the new year with great expectations, and more challenges to fulfill.

Remember you can become a part of this Web 2.0 Adventure…

Please, don’t harm my jersey.

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