View from the Quad: The MOREVI Exit Interview (Part One)

This interview hosted by Cian McMahon
and featuring Philippa Ballantine
is part of the View from the Quad podcast.
Special thanks to Cian for hosting this live call-in event
and dealing with a very sick TeeMonster!

This extra long episode (just under an hour) of View From The Quad is the first half of the Exit Interview I did with Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine about Tee’s podiobook, Morevi, which can be downloaded in full from

Please note that at the time of recording, it seemed that both Pip and Tee were not going to make it through the day. They had a serious case of Con-Funk and a two hour long interview was pretty much the last thing that they needed to be doing.


With this in mind, I have developed a drinking game for this interview.
Take one drink any time one of the following happens
-Tee blows his nose.
-Pip punches Tee or Tee says “Owwwwwwwh!”
-Tee drinks Tea.
-Cian, Pip, Tee or any of the phone-in guests make a terrible joke which bombs, and Cian edits out the silence to make it sound less terrible.
-Anybody refers to the “Tee Morris… You Are Muted” meme from the last call-in show I did with him

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Thanks for listening, and come back next time to hear lots more phonecalls, some terrible humour, and finally find out if Pip and Tee cough out their lungs.

Links – Tee Morris’s website – Morevi: Remastered – Pip’s site


  1. I just realised I forgot about your change to a murverse-esc feed and I come to the site and what do I find. Well the “Sausy Bitch” Article AND the morevi exit interview.

    I am sorry all mighty uber nemisis for forgetting this feed.


  2. No worries at all. The TeeMonster feed is still new. I’m just glad people are digging the blog, and the master feed.

    Thanks for subscribing. 🙂


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