Show #042: On Writing Demands and Real Life (with Scott Sigler)

Finally, after all these years, the F.D.O. joins me in the foxhole
for an interview…

About to wrap up his second Stank Tour, New York Times Bestselling Author and Failed Pimp, Scott Sigler, joins me on the Survival Guide to talk about something near and dear to us both: Facing the Challenges of Real Life. While the topic has been touched on once or twice here in Boot Camp, this time I take a look at dealing with the demands of delivery while coping with real life situations; and as many of the Junkies know, Scott had a rough-and-tumble 2008 as well. Here he comes — the Force of Nature that is Sigglerisimo.


00:00 — Creatures & Crooks promo

01:47 — Introduction

07:20 — On Writing Demands and Real Life (with Scott Sigler)

  • Three years of podcasting novels
  • Scott takes his own advice
  • Scott talks a bit about how Contagious his latest work is!
  • Scott’s epic journey, Nocturnal
  • How Scott and The Sarge are working through Real Life Demands…
    • Pushing out a novel in record time
    • Making the priorities
    • “2008 was one thing after another…” — Scott Sigler
  • How do you continue to produce through the dark times?

28:08 — Promos: In Your Right Mind, The Brain Science Podcast

30:03 — On Writing Demands and Real Life (Part II)

  • Guest Bumper: Kimi Alexandre
  • Details on “Books & Bling” at Creatures & Crooks in Richmond, VA
  • Allowing your work to be your escape and your focus
  • Dealing with aggressive fans and negative reactions
  • The Two Kinds of “Fans”
  • Setting Priorities (Revisited)
  • Connecting with the fans and meeting expectations
  • Keeping up with the deadlines, staff turnovers, publishing politics, and your sanity

54:43 — Wrapping Up


  1. Tee, thank you and Scott for this fantastic episode. It came at just the right time for me. I’ve been struggling to keep all the balls in the air lately and your candid conversation put everything into perspective for me and really gave me the lift I needed.

    Thank you again and keep up the great work! You are the reason I got brave enough to launch my own podcast in the first place.


  2. Hi Tee,

    Wanted to thank you and Scott for this fine interview and the insight it gave me into the difficulties that you and he have gone through in the last year….I have been struggling with personal issues of late and to tell you the truth it was hard to get through the show……I feel humbled by the extent that scott has gone through in the last few months to get the podcast and novel out with all the issues he has had to deal with.

    I feel like such a whiner for feeling bad for the minor things I am dealing with in the face of all the crap that the FDO has had to go through…

    thanks and no I was not one of the complainers if you have to ask


  3. I missed The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy when it originally aired. This seems to be the only episode of it on your website and the mp3 file is no longer available. Is the full series hosted and still avaialable elsewhere?


    1. Thank you, Geoffrey! Always nice to see the Survival Guide hanging on to its listeners.

      The Guide was a real joy but I needed to write. Also I have a new show called The Shared Desk which also gives writing advice, but this time I’m alongside Pip Ballantine. It’s good fun, and you’ll still be able to keep with me, with interviews, and with sound writing advice and insight into the publishing business.


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