The ONE Video Podcast Your Social Media Life Depends On…

Imagine That! Studios presents…


*explosions — screams — kittens and puppies*

Yes, Tee Morris premieres his seminar, ANTI-Social Media: What NOT to Do with Web 2.0, today! Running exclusively at Imagine That! Studios, Tee brings his opinions and commentary on Social Media askew in this…


*explosions — screams — kittens and puppies*

…and critics are raving!

@PodcastJunky says:

“It’s coming from the house of awesome so it is nothing less than fabulous.”

@akaMonty raves:

“Tee Morris once again proves that he’s more than just a beefcake”

Social Media trendsetter Chris Brogan

…didn’t return my calls and I don’t know what the restraining order is all about.

@zard proclaims:

“Tee Morris is holding me at ransom unless I write this blurb. Send help!”

Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit pushes you down, presses his foot against your trachea, and states:

“If you can’t be a good example, be a bad example: Tee Morris brings you Anti-Social Media.”

So you — yes, YOU — must stop whatever you’re doing, focus on the screen, and bask in the awesomeness that is this…


*explosions — screams — kittens and puppies*

(And if you really dig what you’re seeing, the rest will be made available in installments at Imagine That! Studios. Thanks for playing along, everyone, and thank you, Jason, for the “Epic Miniseries” idea. Nice way to kick off a week!)

8 thoughts on “The ONE Video Podcast Your Social Media Life Depends On…

  1. De nada. You just needed someone to remind you that everything is better with epics and explosions! And kittens and puppies? Very sly, Tee, very sly…

  2. YAY I can’t wait!
    I must get home so I can watch this
    FIVE-PART EPIC MINISERIES VIDEO PODCASTING EVENT *hoots hollers cat-calls* as work-computers aren’t all that wonderful for streaming video.

  3. I was so looking forward to this FIVE-PART EPIC MINISERIES VIDEO PODCASTING EVENT, then realized I needed something to play M4V files, and I gotta go to Goodwill now… Maybe I can find an M4V player at Goodwill?

    And I was so looking forward to the exploding kittens & puppies, too. (sigh)

  4. Another option is to just download for free from the QuickTime plug-in for your browser. It runs on Windows. You can also use iTunes to view m4v’s. So no worries. 🙂

  5. And then, I could just use the Flash player instead, right? See how I figured that right out?


    One thing, Tee — One could do an Epic Five-Part Miniseries in the time it takes to introduce you.


  6. A little friendly critique, Tee– 1. the intro is a lot of unnecessary noise, and tends to put one off. 2. The business when you walk in the room, again, gives one qualms.
    The reason I seldom listen to podcasts is that reading is so much faster than speech–when podcasters waste my time I am less likely to receive their messages well.
    With respect, this podcast could be half as long as it is.

  7. Hey there, Ann.

    I assume you mean the “noise” is my intro and “false start” for the lecture. I’m not surprised by this reaction as some find my approach to seminars not to their liking. I prefer to not read speeches or prepared talks as it tends to distance me from the audience. (In the talks I’ve attended where the speaker has done this, it has also put the audience to sleep.) If those attending feel as if I’m just regurgitating facts, bullet points, and statistics, they can get a handout and go home. That’s not my style. I prefer to bring people into the talk and remind them that yes, this is a seminar but a seminar driven by their interest and questions.

    You will probably not care for the rest which, just to assure you, isn’t appearing here but at I just dropped the first episode here as a way to get traffic to the other site. I do appreciate you taking the time to watch the video (or part of the video, as this seems to be the case) and leave criticism. Thanks for the comments!

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