Stranger on a Train I

Trying something new here, maybe the reoccurring rambling from my abnormally long commute to and from work. I downloaded from the iTunes App Store a WordPress app and thought I’d give it a go…

So, here goes blogging from my iPhone.

Today I was put into a situation today that a handful of people could have handled like I did. After discovering at the beginning of a “Public Speaking for Beginners” class that my students were anything but, I had to work out what was going to happen with a group of new students who were also promised a full class…when I had been told this was merely an evaluation. Once again, I had to think fast, come up with a solution, and effectively handle the situation. I did just that.

Where I get a little uptight is when I think about the current job hunt…and I’m told I don’t have enough experience. The market I’m searching in? Social Media.

I have a lot to offer, both as a speaker and as a problem solver. I am talented in a variety of applications, ranging between video and audio editing, to print design. I think fast. I produce results. I’m creative. I’m talented.

What keeps me going? Days like these.


  1. What’s hilarious is when people are looking for someone with about ten years of experience in “Web 2.0”.

    Yes, good luck with that recruiters!


  2. Hi Tee,

    Interesting article. Your comment about the audience being different from the one you were expecting rings true from the IT training market I spent the last 10 years in until recently. Often salesteams either over or under sell a course so they can ‘shoe horn’ people in to make a course viable financially. The trouble is that the trainer gets left to pick up the pieces. So , well done!

    Also, the phrase ‘no expereince in social media’ is an oxymoron, surely? Nobody has much experience in it.

    Also, blogging through iPhone seems to have worked!!




  3. *cough*bullshit*cough*

    Social Media is such a new realm, how can they say you don’t have enough experience. Hello, you’re writing a book on one of the most popular and accessible tools in SM! You’re one of the pioneers in user-generated content with not one, but multiple successful podcasts, published books on podcasting … and there I go getting all fan-girlish again.

    The point being, they have no idea what they are talking about since you have demonstraable experience in multiple avenues of social media. Blogging, podcasting, Facebook, tweeting, teaching classes on the damn stuff, and most importantly, you know how to build a community around a product.

    Feh on them. And kudos to you. I guess I should work my recruiting fu more in your favor. Except that I only have one contact on the East Coast. oh hell, why not 🙂


  4. I’ve seen over and over again how HR people put up impossible demands for personnel and end up hiring the worst possible candidate because that individual blatantly lied on their resume. HR really has no idea of what the jobs they are hiring for entail; only the manager of the given department really knows what he needs. J.R.Blackwell clearly emphasizes that point.

    Experience is more than simply ‘professional.’ Experience is somebody actually living and doing the job. I happen to know a systems administrator for a major bank who has absolutely no formal education in computer sciences and yet is the Subject Matter Expert on the systems and software they administer.

    My question is, do you WANT to work for a company with such a narrow view?


  5. Keep fighting the good fight. Nothing has come up yet because the really good one is coming! I love the WordPress App for the iPhone. It is very user friendly and I hope will help me be more productive. Enjoyed the travelesque nature, can we hope for this to become a regular venue?


  6. I agree with Scott, you have the skills and you pulled it off – bravo!

    The problem becomes that the recruiters are either ignorant of the facts [as both J.R. Blackwell and Vulpine observed] or are incapable or unwilling to correct the job spec as provided by the company that retains them to find a resource. Intellectual laziness – especially in the pursuit of filling a business technology post is counter-productive [criminally so]. Yet, no one within the loop wants to step up and fix the system.

    In my humble opinion, the answer is to bypass the HR department and develop a rapport directly with the hiring manager. If you can achieve this, the manager will be able to escort your credentials through the HR labyrinth.


  7. At present, I am looking for something more secure than the freelance contracting I have been doing for so long. “Feast or Famine” is one thing, but my schedule between February and now has been so inconsistent that it is impossible to commit to any other project (podcasting, writing, etc.) without over-extending myself. That is currently what I am facing, and All a Twitter is starting to suffer a bit.

    Funny thing about this posting — I did this on a whim. Just to try out blogging from the train…and this entry has been receiving more response in the time of its posting than any of my previous ones!

    Blogging is a funny thing.


  8. Tee,

    Like I tweeted to you about your iphone blog experiment: the iphone is not the most powerful or capable smartphone, but it brings ease of use that lets people who LIVE a 2.0 style existence really express themselves.

    If Japanese best sellers can be written on a plain cell phone, I think there’s tons of worth to be gotten out of blogging from a smartphone.

    And there could be NO better means to deliver the thoughts in this post than via cell while living the urban nomad existence to deliver social media training.

    And the picture? Spot on, my man. International Geek of Mystery!


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