Stranger on a Train II

End of a day. End of a week. An end to two weeks of training…

Final Cut Boot Camp
Premiere Level I
Public Speaking
Introduction to Social Media

I an still sick, but the point is I made it. I made it to the end of the week. While I am still booked for three days next week, this was the tough bit. I will have a couple of days to write. I look forward to it.

George Mason turned me down for their Web Manager position, but I didn’t seem to mind as much. Today, with the premiere of the Social Media class, I don’t think I care. No one can take away this success, or the Miracle Mile I just ran over these two weeks.

So yes, I was a good soldier. Fought bravely. Now, I put on some prime audio goodness and get some sleep.

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  1. I really dig the atmosphere of these two ‘…on a Train’ pieces. Well done on powering through a tough week.

    Also, regarding the two Ant-Social media videos — serious public speaking chops! You really seem in your element in front of a room full of people. It made me want to sign up for toastmasters 🙂


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