I Remember Joe: 2009


No matter how crazy the time or the schedules in life get, we make time to remember; and on April 1st, Jack and I are asking that you remember our fallen friend, Joe Murphy.

For those of you new to podcasting, you might have missed the audio wit and always-clever banter of my friend, Joe Murphy. He was (and still is) an amazing guy, his voice now part of the history of such podcasts, as Wingin’ It, Slice of SciFi, The Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas, and the award-winning The Case of the Singing Sword: A Billibub Baddings Mystery. He was taken from us too soon, and on April 1 we remember him.

Please, syndicate this podcast through your feeds, blog about Joe, tell a friend today about Joe Murphy, show your support in an avatar change, and let your subscribers know that you also remember Joe.



  1. I remember Joe. I was a fan of his from KAMN, Slice, and Wingin it. I remember when it was announced he had cancer. I remember when he passed. I never had the honor ever to meet the man but he influenced me. Again this year I will raise up a root beer on April 1st in his memory. Joe is awesome, Joe is missed…


  2. Thanks, Tee. I wish I had met Joe. I certainly spent enough time listening to him.

    Mason Rocket, you are missed.


  3. Thanks Tee.

    Mason Rocket you are always with us!



  4. I didn’t know Joe. But I came across this ‘cast in Phil Rossi’s ‘Eden’ feed and as a fellow ‘caster, I am touched by the sentiment and I wish I could hold it up to everybody as an example of why we do what we do. As I said to my cohost when telling him about this memorial, “it’s neat though, ’cause I think it says a lot about the “family” nature of what we do. Makes me feel that much more ‘valid’ (not the exact right word) about it. No matter what bigger media companies think about it or try to do with it, the indies have their own community that’s different from anything the world has seen before.”


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