Stranger on a Train V

What do you mean it’s Thursday?!

I had planned to work on my keynote for Create South 2009 but I had forgotten my PowerBook was out of juice. So maybe I am going to catch a few winks on this commute. Tomorrow I head down to Myrtle Beach and then it’s Saturday morning when I give my keynote speech.

Note to self: Remember my fiddle.

Today I got an email from my past. I remembered the times this girl and I had in Richmond (my hometown), but the way we parted company I figured I was just that: a good time. Nothing serious. Turns out I was wrong. I had made an impact. A crater maker as Hutch would put it. I’m a little surprised and quite humbled by her words.

I’m now wondering what kind of a person I am now, I suppose. Am I where I’m supposed to be, still on target, or a touch lost? At the moment, I’m on track but only in a literal sense.

You never know the impression you can make on people. I try not to take that for granted.


  1. Wow. This hit so on target for me. I also have reconnected with two former friends in the past 2 months. One good, one not as bad as I would have imagined. We try.


  2. Way to tell half the story, Tee! Now I want to know all about this mystery girl!

    I think you are right in that we don’t always see the impact we have on others, for good or for ill.


  3. Nice.

    This scratches the surface of some things I’ve been experiencing with the FACEBOOK EFFECT — coming to terms with what other people remember about you, thought about you, thought they thought about you, or what you thought they thought about you. As well as remembering WHY you parted ways with some people despite fond remembrances.

    I dig it. I agree with JR, I’d like to hear more. Not an exhaustive treatise… just more.

    This Stranger on a Train series is on point. It’s totally real. I’m hoping that you’ll bring some of that ‘HEY look at my soul’ to ‘All A Twitter’ and that it won’t just be ‘HEY let’s you and me look at Twitter.’


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