Tee Morris (that naughty boy!) on Erotica ala Carte

Back in December, you might recall a blogpost proclaiming my love for New Zealand smut. Well, Chef Ballantine appreciated my kind words so much concerning the podcast too hot for iTunes, Erotica ala Carte, that she invited me to cook in her kitchen. The ingredients this naughty Gordon Ramsey (with help from her listeners) threw at me were:

  • Alternative History
  • Government Bureau
  • Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

The end result is the short story (borderline novella) “Release Me” which dropped just before Balticon. As I mentioned, the story seemed to write itself and really took on some serious momentum, surprising (if not, disturbing) me. The end result, though, I am quite happy with:

In an alternative America a superhero learns a lesson in control.

Inspired by my favorite film of the year so far, Watchmen, I went with a government bureau of superheroes instead of something along the lines of The X-Files. (I think that is what folks were expecting.) There are also a few nods to the Twitter community and a homage to one of my Geek Chic heroines. This was a lot of fun, and a terrific exercise for me as a writer. So as it stands, J.C. Hutchins has challenged me with writing a thriller and Pip has tapped me for erotica. What’s next? Horror?

Scott Sigler? Phil Rossi? Any of you guys wanna throw the gauntlet?

Have a listen, and let me (and Pip) know what you think.


Stranger on a Train VIII

My last class for a month. Home to pack for Balticon and New Zealand, record the final (or so I hope) KrakensQuest, and then…sleep.

No word from 720 Strategies apart from two “We’ll be in touch…” emails and a request to join on LinkedIn one of the people that interviewed me. It’s really hard not to read into this, but I’m trying to relax…

Yeah. Tell you a new one.

I felt good about the interview but it reminds me of my days crossing the boards. Audition…then wait…wait…wait… Always hated that aspect of being an actor. All I needed was a shot, a chance to shine. You give me a part, particularly if it’s the Bard, and I rock the house. Sending Pip that clip of me from Comedy of Errors awakened a few ghosts…

So did that interview.

A week from yesterday, I fly to New Zealand and a week from tomorrow I arrive. I’d better apprecaite this Wednesday as I won’t have one next week.

Meh, I’m not worried. Tohunga is with me, and I booked an interview with Radio NZ, the Kiwi’s NPR.

Get ready, En-Zed. TeeMonster’s only a week away…

Stranger on a Train VII

The closer I get to New Zealand, the weirder my life becomes.

In the past two days I’ve received two interviews next week. Am I excited? Not sure. I don’t want to afford myself that luxury only to face another disappointment. What’s making one of the interviews partucularly intriguing is the woman in need of a Social Media Mr. Miagi actually found me in a LinkedIn search.

I’ll say that again: She came to me.

All this with less than two weeks to go fo rmy trip to New Zealand. I really wanted the days before Balticon to be stress-free. I really did.

My friend and fellow Fantasy-Comedic author, Christiana Ellis, is premiering “Nina Kimberly the Merciless” today, and it turns out her Uk Horde broke Amazon. You go, Nina!

My EalC — nearly done. At the rate I was going, I was going to crack the 10K mark, but I went back, made a few hard decisions, and now I’m aiming for 8500. I’ll have to see if there’s anything else to cut. Short stories are hard, Lt. Dan. The story has been a real blessing. It’s gearing me up for some other touch calls I’ll be making soon.

And tomorrow I get a new MacBook Pro, replacing my seven year old PowerBook workhorse. Seven years. “We have heard the chimes at midnight…the days we have seen…”

Considering the books I’ve written, the articles I’ve submitted, and the amazing things I’ve done on this machine, could it be possible I’ve gotten a little sentimental towards it?


TeeMonster on the Move!

tee-jumpPhoto by Kreg Steppe

Hey, everyone! I’m closing in on a pretty busy chunk of time, and it all starts next week. As you can see in the photo, I attempted to jump to New Zealand, get a head start on the travel. The only problem is this picture is taken at CREATE South 2009 in Myrtle Beach, so that puts me by the Atlantic.

Oh yeah, and while I got some serious hang time in the photo…my distance was FAIL!

Before I get into the schedule, I got good news on All a Twitter: the manuscript is now at the publisher and currently being prepped for printing. You can pre-order the book but keep an eye on Imagine That! Studios for latest developments on my latest book concerning Social Media, and get ready — I got something else coming this summer.

Oh yeah, and I’m nearly done writing my smut for Chef Pip. I really am a naughty boy.

Now, here’s my upcoming schedule. This is where I will be:

May 22-25
Balticon 43 in Hunt Valley, MD

May 29-June 1
Conscription in Auckland, New Zealand

June 2
ANTI-Social Media, presented for LIANZA, 12pm-2pm
Room 420 Kate Edgar Information Commons Building #315
2 Alfred Street, University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand

All a Twitter, presented for LIANZA, 3pm-5pm
Room 420 Kate Edgar Information Commons Building #315
2 Alfred Street, University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand

June 3
Social Media Mainline Workshop for LIANZA, 9am-5pm
Computer Lab Room 433, Kate Edgar Information Commons Building #315
2 Alfred Street, University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand

June 6 (JUST ADDED!!!)
Podiobooks: The Best Audiobooks FOR FREE Online for Tararua District Library, 1pm-2pm
Dannevirke, New Zealand

June 15
ANTI-Social Media, presented for LIANZA, 12pm-2pm
Seminar Room, Reserve Bank of NZ
2 The Terrace
Report at ground floor reception no later than 11.45am
Wellington, New Zealand

All a Twitter, presented for LIANZA, 5pm-7pm
Conference Room, Department of Conservation
18-32 Manners Street
Report at ground floor reception no later than 4.45pm
Wellington, New Zealand

June 16
Social Media Mainline Workshop for LIANZA, 9am-5pm
SOLD OUT (Waiting List available)
Computer lab 510, Level 5, WelTec Wellington Campus
11-17 Church Street (off Boulcott Street)
Wellington, New Zealand

June 17

Speak Geek to Me, for Te Papa Tongarewa: The Museum of New Zealand, 10am-12pm
Location: TBA
Wellington, NZ

If you are in New Zealand and looking for a primer on Social Media, you can still sign-up for the Auckland workshop. I could not be more excited about this upcoming trip the Land of the Great White Cloud…

18.5 hours on a plane…AFTER I fly from DC to San Fran. Whoofah!

Next time we talk, I’ll be in the Southern Hemisphere. See you on the other side of the world!

Stranger on a Train VI

I’m just going to say it: I’m a little scared. With All a Twitter done (or at least completed Author Review and moving towards the final layout) I am now trying to get some things off the To Do list. One of them has been my offering to Pip’s Kitchen. Yes, I started two nights ago my entry for Erotica ala Carte.com. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go, you know, but in between late Sunday night and lunch today, I’ve hammered out 5000 words.

5000 words. In three days. For erotica.

Yeah, that scares me.

If you are curious as to what my ingredients are, I’ve been told to write:

  • Government Agency
  • Alternate History
  • Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Erotica is hard. (Pardon the pun. Or should I say “If erotica is done right, then it’s hard.”) I never would question the skill of writers who do it on a consistent, regular basis. What scares me is how quickly this story is rolling out. I didn’t call that, especially with this idea (let alone, this genre); but it feels right and feels good. I just didn’t expect this kind of inspiration. Maybe it’s that “dark element” of erotica that scares me.

It’s not the challenge Pip put out there for me. That doesn’t scare me at all. I love a challenge.

Another challenge: Thickening my skin. Yesterday, someone on Twitter invited people to DM her concerning a panel at a Web 2.0 confernce here in DC. I answered her call. A few minutes later, she’s courting some self-proclaimed Social Media Expert (41 followers, following 12). I ask if the invite was void. Her response: “I’ll see if she says yes or no. If no, I’ll be in touch.”

Second string? Is that what I am? What part of “writer of All a Twitter” did this woman miss? What do I have to do to earn respect in this town?

First thing I have to do: Stand tough. They can have their conference this summer. Maybe I’ll go and bring with me my pictures from my first rugby game…in New Zealand.

UPDATE: I got an email early this morning concerning my Social Media Mainline Workshop in Wellington, NZ, being held in June. LIANZA posted it on their Events Calendar Monday morning. Three days later, it was sold out. I’m talking to them about a possible second Wellington event. Find out more at Imagine That! Studios.

Street Cred. I haz it.