Stranger on a Train VI

I’m just going to say it: I’m a little scared. With All a Twitter done (or at least completed Author Review and moving towards the final layout) I am now trying to get some things off the To Do list. One of them has been my offering to Pip’s Kitchen. Yes, I started two nights ago my entry for Erotica ala I wasn’t sure how this was going to go, you know, but in between late Sunday night and lunch today, I’ve hammered out 5000 words.

5000 words. In three days. For erotica.

Yeah, that scares me.

If you are curious as to what my ingredients are, I’ve been told to write:

  • Government Agency
  • Alternate History
  • Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Erotica is hard. (Pardon the pun. Or should I say “If erotica is done right, then it’s hard.”) I never would question the skill of writers who do it on a consistent, regular basis. What scares me is how quickly this story is rolling out. I didn’t call that, especially with this idea (let alone, this genre); but it feels right and feels good. I just didn’t expect this kind of inspiration. Maybe it’s that “dark element” of erotica that scares me.

It’s not the challenge Pip put out there for me. That doesn’t scare me at all. I love a challenge.

Another challenge: Thickening my skin. Yesterday, someone on Twitter invited people to DM her concerning a panel at a Web 2.0 confernce here in DC. I answered her call. A few minutes later, she’s courting some self-proclaimed Social Media Expert (41 followers, following 12). I ask if the invite was void. Her response: “I’ll see if she says yes or no. If no, I’ll be in touch.”

Second string? Is that what I am? What part of “writer of All a Twitter” did this woman miss? What do I have to do to earn respect in this town?

First thing I have to do: Stand tough. They can have their conference this summer. Maybe I’ll go and bring with me my pictures from my first rugby game…in New Zealand.

UPDATE: I got an email early this morning concerning my Social Media Mainline Workshop in Wellington, NZ, being held in June. LIANZA posted it on their Events Calendar Monday morning. Three days later, it was sold out. I’m talking to them about a possible second Wellington event. Find out more at Imagine That! Studios.

Street Cred. I haz it.


  1. Looking forward to your dish in the kitchen 🙂

    Regarding the social media expert thing, I’m seriously beginning to wonder if there’s something about the DC area, or the east coast, that has a cranial-rectal immersion problem. From my vantage point at the edge of silicon valley, these travails seem worse than nonsensical. It’s one thing to lose to a better-qualified candidate, but it’s beginning to sound like you’re losing out to the owner’s brother a lot. Not that nepotism doesn’t exist everywhere, but around here, at least, DC and Boston have a reputation for Not Getting It when it comes to all things Tech. Here’s hoping for more lucrative remote gigs and a solid lecture tour for you!


  2. Dan – I think you hit it on the noggin and then some. I am finding through my adventures it’s not what you know, it is who you know. It seems it has always been that way and always will be. And it’s not isolated to the metro areas of the north east corridor.

    Time and time again I witness the bass ackwards wannabe winning out because they can swing a good tale full of hot air that’s enough to convince the next person and the next that they are the next subject matter expert on the cutting edge of whatever topic they pretend to know everything about.

    Tee – don’t take so it hard!!! After working in the tech industry for more years than I can count on my fingers, I still have yet to learn the lessons myself as to how to play second fiddle to (oh how did Dan put it), the “owner’s brother”.

    Who does “she who doesn’t know what she’s missing” is?.. Passing up on the great (yes its an ego boost – we all need them now and again) Tee Morris … just stick out your tongue and pfffft – if nothing else, it’ll make ya feel better 🙂


  3. That’s humanity: an odd mixture of wanting to do good, absentmindedness, narrowmindedness and nepotism among other things. It’s their loss, especially since you have a lot more opportunities than the “owner’s brother” ever will. When they get back to you – and they probably will in a few years – you’ll be able to charge twice your current charge or more. For all that I can see you are already an international hit, and you’ll be even more so by then.


  4. Government Agency, you say? I may just have to listen in…
    Don’t forget, those government id badges can get in the way. They should be removed right away!


  5. Considering one of your podcasts, I think you’ll like the agency I create. :^)



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