Stranger on a Train VIII

My last class for a month. Home to pack for Balticon and New Zealand, record the final (or so I hope) KrakensQuest, and then…sleep.

No word from 720 Strategies apart from two “We’ll be in touch…” emails and a request to join on LinkedIn one of the people that interviewed me. It’s really hard not to read into this, but I’m trying to relax…

Yeah. Tell you a new one.

I felt good about the interview but it reminds me of my days crossing the boards. Audition…then wait…wait…wait… Always hated that aspect of being an actor. All I needed was a shot, a chance to shine. You give me a part, particularly if it’s the Bard, and I rock the house. Sending Pip that clip of me from Comedy of Errors awakened a few ghosts…

So did that interview.

A week from yesterday, I fly to New Zealand and a week from tomorrow I arrive. I’d better apprecaite this Wednesday as I won’t have one next week.

Meh, I’m not worried. Tohunga is with me, and I booked an interview with Radio NZ, the Kiwi’s NPR.

Get ready, En-Zed. TeeMonster’s only a week away…

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