Stranger on a Train IX

I’m combining two SoaTs here as I had an entry that never made it. Sorry about that.

June 26
End of two days which felt like two years…might have been a mixed blessing that I got stuck in San Fran when I did.

First class back from New Zealand, and I felt like all day were a plethora of reasons I should have stayed in Wellington. Sure, I wanted to see my daughter, that’s a given…but today began with some smart ass taking a pot-shot at me on Twitter. It ended with a professional brush-off that is not giving me a good feeling.

Welcome back to DC, Tee. Hold still while I kick you in the jimmies.

I’m summoning what strength I have to get home. This jetlag has been brutal, but I think it was worth every tick. Days with Dan Sawyer. Good talks with writers Chris Lester and Gail Carriger. Twenty-three days in New Zealand.

Worth every minute, worth every moment.

July 2
Happy birthday, Sonic Boom. 🙂

That’s the Twitter moniker for my kid. She had a blast last weekend with all the company and attention. Being home with her has been a right good time, although she IS upset with Daddy as Daddy has been teaching. A lot. This week was the Final Cut Boot Camp. It’s tough, but I had a personal breakthrough with Motion. I’m looking forward to tackling a couple of video projects. The class, on a whole, was a success.

Like I said…tough class (4-5 days) but a success.

Independence Day. If you see someone who has served or is on active duty, thank them. Considering Iran, we are all very fortunate. I mean, wow…freedom of speech, information, and ideas. We are so blessed, and I have nothing but respect for those who serve. So no matter where you are in our Armed Forces, thank you for answering the call.

I’m tempted to have a Victory Burger tonight at Red Robin, but then I remember what the scale told me. And then there’s my trainer, Sandra Wichkam…who would hurt me if she got wind of it.

Salad. Nom.

Tee Morris Goes Global with Radio New Zealand

Te Papa, the National Museum of New Zealand, introduced me to Radio New Zealand. This is the “National Public Radio” for the Land of the Long White Cloud, and “Sunday Morning with Chris Laidlaw” opened his mics up for me to talk about being geek, the impact of podcasting, and a few things concerning Twitter.

This was a fun interview, and there’s talk about a follow up before I leave New Zealand. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, you can still attend some upcoming Wellington appearances:

June 15
ANTI-Social Media, presented for LIANZA, 12pm-2pm
Seminar Room, Reserve Bank of NZ
2 The Terrace
Report at ground floor reception no later than 11.45am

All a Twitter, presented for LIANZA, 5pm-7pm
Conference Room, Department of Conservation
18-32 Manners Street
Report at ground floor reception no later than 4.45pm

June 16
Social Media Mainline Workshop for LIANZA, 9am-5pm
SOLD OUT (Waiting List available)
Computer lab 510, Level 5, WelTec Wellington Campus
11-17 Church Street (off Boulcott Street)

Enjoy the interview and feel free to circulate the link. Stay tuned for pictures, video, and more news from Middle Earth.