Stranger on a Train IX

I’m combining two SoaTs here as I had an entry that never made it. Sorry about that.

June 26
End of two days which felt like two years…might have been a mixed blessing that I got stuck in San Fran when I did.

First class back from New Zealand, and I felt like all day were a plethora of reasons I should have stayed in Wellington. Sure, I wanted to see my daughter, that’s a given…but today began with some smart ass taking a pot-shot at me on Twitter. It ended with a professional brush-off that is not giving me a good feeling.

Welcome back to DC, Tee. Hold still while I kick you in the jimmies.

I’m summoning what strength I have to get home. This jetlag has been brutal, but I think it was worth every tick. Days with Dan Sawyer. Good talks with writers Chris Lester and Gail Carriger. Twenty-three days in New Zealand.

Worth every minute, worth every moment.

July 2
Happy birthday, Sonic Boom. 🙂

That’s the Twitter moniker for my kid. She had a blast last weekend with all the company and attention. Being home with her has been a right good time, although she IS upset with Daddy as Daddy has been teaching. A lot. This week was the Final Cut Boot Camp. It’s tough, but I had a personal breakthrough with Motion. I’m looking forward to tackling a couple of video projects. The class, on a whole, was a success.

Like I said…tough class (4-5 days) but a success.

Independence Day. If you see someone who has served or is on active duty, thank them. Considering Iran, we are all very fortunate. I mean, wow…freedom of speech, information, and ideas. We are so blessed, and I have nothing but respect for those who serve. So no matter where you are in our Armed Forces, thank you for answering the call.

I’m tempted to have a Victory Burger tonight at Red Robin, but then I remember what the scale told me. And then there’s my trainer, Sandra Wichkam…who would hurt me if she got wind of it.

Salad. Nom.

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