Stranger on a Train XII

I’m done.

Ten years of teaching, five of them with EEI, ended today. It has been an astounding journey — the past two years of my life, recent revelations, crossroads —with a bittersweet ending, leaning a bit more towards the bitter today. I asked for a check from classes I taught in April. Yes, April. I was told that Collections didn’t make enough this week, therefore no check.

So long, Tee, and thanks for all the fish. No wonder I had sushi today.

I heard from the folks at the new job. Tuesday. I start next Tuesday. Still can’t believe I’m here, at this point. And with the new job’s blessing, I’m still speaking at Blogworld in October. Trying to get in a talk about security in Social Media, something we should all consider but we don’t.

This class was a good ending to a decade’s pursuit. Three of the eight students I had all took the class on recommendations of colleagues who took my previous Social Media classes, and one was a return student. They applauded when I told them about the job, and one shook my hand, thanking me for the class.

A good ending. What every writer wants.

Don’t worry…this isn’t the end. I’m swinging two in the circle. Steampunk, Socal Media, and more surprises await.

Guess this is a bit more than just another train ride…


  1. cheers buddy! Glad the salmon was there for you. I wish the check had been. Carry on, and we’ll be there with you!


  2. No more trains! Ah well as much as we will miss these columns, I guess you won’t miss the hours of commuting every day. I am sure there are joys in teaching but there will also be joys in doing Social Media. There are a lot of people out there that need someone who isn’t another snakeoil salesman- go get em!


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