Stranger on a Train XIII

Wow…unlucky #13…I just finished up my blogpost from the Metro, went to take a picture, and WordPress for the iPhone erased what I had composed.

Yeeouch. Well, okay then…take two…

So last night I was watching Stargate Universe and there was a moment that really spoke to me. The ship Destiny appeared to be on a collision course with a star. Dr. Rush (Robert Carlisle) insisted on not being part of a survivor’s lottery, but was going to stay with the ship. Turns out the ship was powering up using the star’s corona. (Very cool!) It was insinuated that somehow, Rush knew everything wa going to work out.

Faith. Insight. Instict. A gut feeling. Whatever you call it, we are going to face storms in life. The important but is knowing that we can weather them. It’s like what Bob Marley said: “Don’ worry ’bout a thing…’cause every little thing ‘s gonna be allright.”

I believe that. I really, really do.


  1. I love “3 little birds”. Sometimes, I channel Dori from Finding Nemo. Instead of just keep swimming, I have to remind myself to keep breathing. Yeah. Days like my today suck. But, who knows, tomorrow might be better. And the day after that…


  2. That Dr. Rush knew all along the ship would be fine does not surprise. It’s clear he’s been hiding a lot of information from the others and that all he cares about is himself and his ship. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to rid himself of others even if just a few at a time to reach that end. Frankly, I’m sure in a more realistic world he’d have been shot already by the military or torn to shreds by the civilian mob trapped in the hell of his creation.

    Oh, and about the song, only the little things will be all right. So I guess it’s the real big things that tend to do us in. So don’t worry about the little things and focus on the big issues.



  3. Hey, same thing happened to me on my first composition from the iPhone WordPress 2 app. In my case I stopped typing to do something else. When I went back to finish the post all my previous work was there and I continued typing. About 30 minutes later I wrapped it up and saved it. Only when I looked again only what I had typed in the beginning was there. From now on I’ll be sure to save the post as a draft NOT Local Draft. Might make a difference.


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