PREVIEW: Books & Braun (Recorded LIVE at World Fantasy 2009)

readingI admit that my blog (both of them) have been a bit quiet since taking on the Day Job and working through a busy October, but hopefully this sneak peek at what I’ve been up to will make my pockets of quiet worthwhile.

Recorded before a live audience at World Fantasy Convention, award-winning podcaster and award-nominated author Philippa Ballantine and I unveiled (with the blessings of our agent) our work-in-progress now working its way through submissions: Books & Braun, our Steampunk take on The Avengers. This is the first time that we have revealed to the public any selections from the work (apart from the odd quotes and teasers in our respective tweet streams), and we had a blast with this presentation. Our plan is to eventually podcast it in this fashion: Pip and I supplying the respective narration, a “few” (HA!) production elements, a musical score, and artwork featured by Carrie Seidman. We hope you enjoy this listen at what we have cooking in the creative kitchen.

BLOGGERS & PODCASTERS: We are releasing this reading under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Both Pip and I encourage you to syndicate this episode and point your subscribers to this endeavor of ours. We also would love to hear your feedback on this preview both here and at Pip’s website. Thank you for giving us a bit of space on your mp3 player of choice, and we will keep you posted on what happens with our daring duo from the clandestine organization that is The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences.



  1. Awesome. Just awesome.

    I don’t get a chance to read physical books anymore. Please make this aailable in audio format, whether it be a free podcast, or an audiobook for purchase. I just need to listen to it somehow. 😀

    it was awesome meeting you, Pip, at the pubcrawl Monday night after WFC, and sorry you weren’t there, Tee.

    -Mark, aka SmittyHalibut


  2. I found the speed, at which the narration was delivered, to be too fast, for me. It was difficult for me to be able to savor the mental images trying to come in to focus in my mind.

    Also, as one who struggles with a slight hearing impairment, speech at that rate of speed, sounds as if, not all of the syllables are being fully pronounced, although I suspect that they are being fully pronounced. I never had trouble understanding Tee Morris in his personal workshops, because I’ve learned to improvise with lip reading, therefore I know that he enunciates properly. So the problem is mine.

    So I’ve said all of this to try to make this whole new way of “reading” books better for the masses. I’m looking forward to more books being available for “easy listening”. Thank you for your efforts, my fellow human beings. Trusting that this is taken as constructive criticism, I remain yours truly.


    1. I did sound a little fast. I think that was nerves. If we work things out and are given the green light to podcast, I promise a more relaxed, even pace. Seriously. 😀


  3. I think we were going a little faster than usual, as this was recorded live, with only 30 minutes to present, before the next author had the room.
    If this makes it to podcast I would say this would be much more polished, but given the circumstances it wasn’t too bad. 🙂


  4. I LOVED it! Really, I can’t wait for more. I understand that you won’t know for sure yet, but when would you guess that this might become available? 2011? Anyway, thanks for putting that audio preview up. I look forward to a future where I can pay to read (and listen) to more of this!


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