Kia Ora from the Future!

Hi, everyone!

It’s been a week and what a week it has been. Sonic Boom, fresh off her first-ever plane ride, walked the now-working set of Hobbiton, settled in Rotorua for the night, got up close and personal with Ella the Lion Cub at the Paradise Valley Reserve, and then worked the Poi Dancing as the youngest in attendance at Te Puia. Safe to say, we’re having a blast! There will be YouTube videos coming.

This week, we’re looking ahead to WorldCon 68, also known as AussieCon 4. Pip Ballantine, Sonic Boom, and I arrive in Melbourne, Australia (Yes, her second country in two weeks. Pretty impressive for a six year old!) and alongside familiar friends John Cmar, Laura Burns, Mur Laffery, and Gail Carriger, we’ll be taking part in good geekery from the Southern Hemisphere. This is my first WorldCon, and the Australians have handed me a rather robust schedule:

The Balancing Act of Speculative Fiction Comedy
Thursday 1400 Room 219

Reading: The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences (with Pip Ballantine)
Saturday 1100 Rm 215

The James Bond Enigma
Saturday 1200 Room 210

Saturday 1300 Rm 201

Anachronist Fiction: Successors to Steampunk
Sunday 1100 Room 219

3D cinema: Revolution or novelty?
Sunday 1200 Room 212

Writing in the Shadow of Adams and Pratchett
Sunday 1400 Room 219

Along with places we’ve visited (and you can get a look at some photos via, a lot of other things have been happening concerning the writing and works-in-progress. As you may have heard me say on Twitter, “I need to get a blogpost together…” and I promise there is one on the way. Heck, at the rate I’m going, it’ll be a series of a blogposts; but finally I do have some time to blog and bring even myself up to date with everyone.

This trip has been a real adventure for both of us, and Melbourne is already proving to be a weekend of possibilities. I hope if you are in attendance at WorldCon you stop by one of my panels and say “Hi.” or even throw out the tough questions concerning Billibub Baddings, Morevi, or The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences.

What, you don’t know what The Ministry is all about? Hang tight — a blogpost is in the works…

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