Counting down to one wild weekend ahead…

Yes, it has been a little quiet on my blog…but that doesn’t mean I’ve been standing still.

The 2011 Steampunk World's Fair

Our first steampunk exposition, The Steampunk World’s Fair in Somerset, New Jersey, is happening this week; and they are making us feel welcome! The guest list is mind-blowing, and yet we — the steampunk rookies — make their Lovecraftian promotional poster.

I think this is a sign of a FUN weekend ahead!

Both Pip and I will be there as part of “Ministry MAY-hem” and there are more details about the weekend to be found at the Ministry website. Track the weekend on Twitter by following the #SPWF hashtag.

We hope to see you this weekend as we get our steampunk funk on!


  1. Envy!

    Sooooooooo wanted to go to this. Take metric butt-tons of pictures and tell me all about it. (Yes, I really did just invite Tee to talk…) I am hoping that next year the finances will be in good enough shape that I can swing this.

    So while you are off having fun, I’ll be finishing up and submitting my own stories. Maybe next year I can have a Crackle & Bang reading alongside Books & Braun? One can only hope. And write. And do the work to make it happen (Dammit!).

    Congrats on all the success! See you next week at Balticon!



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