FenCon VIII: Where I’ll Be

As mentioned on The Shared Desk, Pip and I are heading to the Lone Star State for FenCon VIII (also the host of DeepSouthCon 49). We’re looking forward to it as the guest list and programming promises to be a fun time. If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area between September 23-25, you will be able to find me at FenCon taking part in the following…

Now this is the official FenCon schedule, but there are going to be at least two unofficial events. These events that will include a Friday night tweet up and a “Let’s Crowd into Tee & Pip’s Room” recording of The Shared Desk. Keep tabs on these off-the-clock events at The Captain’s Quarters on Facebook.

Eleven days and counting until we mess with Texas — it’s time for FenCon!!!

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  1. We are SO bummed we missed getting you both to autograph your books at FenCon. We hope you had a blast that weekend and we did get to enjoy your panels, and thank you so much for joining us to steam up Texas.

    Hopefully we will catch up to you at a Con real soon! Keep the steamy works comin!


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