So Long, and Thanks for All the Tweets: My Final Friday at Intersections

Staying on track.You might have noticed a few enigmatic tweets from me on Friday. I got a few responses of concern but I was okay. Still am.

No, really, I’m good. January 6, 2012 was a date for the books so I’ll just go ahead and kick off this blogpost with what happened.

Somewhere around 10:15 a.m. last Friday, I was told my services at Intersections, Inc. was no longer needed.

If you’re expecting a complete and utter meltdown against my former day job, you’re not going to get it. Never will. I will only say this:

  • I wasn’t the only one let go.
  • It wasn’t anything I did.
  • You learn a lot about people when things like this happen.

Intersections was a terrific place to work. There are some incredible people there; and many of them reached out to me over the weekend, just to ask, “How are you doing?” It was a sincere question, and I answered it honestly: I’m good. What happened on Friday had nothing to do with me or my performance, and I was able to leave Intersections with my head held high. I was able to look the EVP in the eye, shake his hand, and say “It’s been a good two-and-a-half years. Thank you.” I loved my job. I loved what I did. As friends told me, “I was saving the world, one tweet at a time, one blogpost at a time.” The friendships and associations I made at Intersections, I discovered in that moment, were more than just professional. They ran a little deeper.

Granted, one relationship did show its true colors, and I got to admit—it didn’t just hurt. I was outraged.

But how do I feel now, on my first day of unemployment?

Someone to watch over meWhen I came home, Pip already had already found seven job openings in Social Media. I have a possibility from Que Publishing that I can pursue. Then there are the fiction possibilities — a steampunk novella, a reboot of Morevi, setting up the groundwork for Volume 2 of Tales from the Archives, and the third installment of The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. Before the end of the weekend, I had applied for fifteen positions in Social Media. A far cry from 2009 when I was lucky to get fifteen applications out in a week. And just now, I got an email from the CEO confirming that a letter of reference was en route.

How do I feel? Wildly optimistic.

I knew, heading into the new year, that something was something. Something big. I’m going to take a wild guess and say, “This…isn’t it.”

This is the first step in a new journey.

Sure, I’m scared; but that fear isn’t paralyzing me. It’s inspiring me. It’s driving me. In the wake of this, I’m moving forward, undaunted. I’ve got a great kid, and fantastic wife, and amazing friends from Intersections and elsewhere, all rallying around me. I’m truly blessed.

Thank you, Intersections. Thank you for one amazing run.



  1. Good for you Sarge! I hope this new year treats you and your family incredibly well!


  2. Sorry to hear that Tee…day jobs are over-rated. It should give you more time to write – look at it that way. I hope you find your next “dream job” soon.


  3. Oh…and here’s something to cheer you up…unless of course you already knew. A Dutch on-line bookclub read Phoenix Rising just a bit ago. I know because they are reading Theft of Swords now and I saw your book listed as one of their monthly reads. Did you know about that?


  4. You, I like!

    Good for you for not only taking this in stride, but also for looking forward. Many good things will blossom out of this for you. I can feel it.


  5. While this is not great news, loosing your job never is, it sounds like you have things under control. I wish you and yours only the best. Good luck in the future.


  6. In true Tee fashion, you say goodbye with class. Well done and best of luck, Big Poppa! I know you’ll come out on top!


  7. You’ll land on your feet. You always do. And often the only way to make a change is to have it hit you over the head. Similar changes going on in my world (not day job related but career related). Me? I’m mellow. So many new ways to go! Thinking of you, dude. ::hugs::


  8. I would like to offer you full time employment as a podcast correspondent for Technorama. The pay is exactly what I make. 🙂

    You will land on your feet like a ninja cat! I know it!


  9. One chapter ends and another one begins… there will be many opportunities for you in the future, Tee. Your creativity and talent will find the right one in time…. hopefully sooner than later, of course… but there has never been a better time to be a creative than now. I have faith that bigger and better things are ahead for you.


  10. Sorry to hear about the day job and congratulations on moving toward the next big step. It is daunting to start over, but a fantastic opportunity at the same time. Best wishes Tee.


  11. Tee, I will sincerely miss working with you. It was a good run, wasn’t it? Your words are eloquent and — as expected — your writing heartfelt. I have no doubt you’ll find a great place with folks who appreciate you, just as we did.


    1. Hey, Liz.

      Thank you for being truly a kindred spirit there. I appreciated all our time together, and was sorry we didn’t get more opportunities to work together. Stay geeky, and stay in touch! You know where to find me.


  12. A class act all the way. Your future is wide open for you. Wide open and waiting to be seized.


  13. I have this strong feeling it was supposed to happen because some great opportunity is lying behind door #2. No one with your talent will be out of work for long!


  14. All I can think is that if you reboot Morevi again it will be the third incarnation that I download. Or buy. Whatever I can to support you. You’re becoming George Lucas to me!

    It’s because of you and Evo at that I even got interested in podcasts, novelists such as yourself, Sigler, Hutchins, and of course Pip (Chasing the Bard is still a fave!). Besides, like many of your fans, I think you should focus on the writing!


  15. And this is why we love you, because you are a fantastic, inspiring person. You’ll always land on your feet, or at least land on your head and bounce back up to your feet ;D I’m glad to hear you’ve already got so many possible leads on jobs. Can’t wait to see what you do next!


  16. I was surprised to see your name on the list, Tee. I’ll miss being able to tell people that I work for the same company as Tee Morris!


    1. Hey, Tom!

      I’m sorry for not getting a chance to say goodbye as it was a pleasure getting to know you and having you mess with me by playing my interviews from adjoining cubicles. *LOL* Seriously, Tom — thank you for your support, both at Intersections and in my fiction. Just keep an eye on the blog and elsewhere, and maybe we’ll catch up at a signing.

      Take care, and good luck.


  17. Sorry to hear you got let go, Tee. At least you’ve in an industry that isn’t in the tank. You’ll find something soon.

    In the mean time, Write! Write like the wind!



  18. You know what they say, every door closed is another window open… wait what the hell am I saying you’re a Mac guy Windows = Satan to you…

    No doubts that you’ll be snatched up in no time you’re Tee Freaking Morris Ubernemesis. Happy hunting my friend prayers are with you. And it looks like you have plenty on your table to distract you (in a good way) until the day gig offers roll in.


  19. when one door close a million is still open, your a write, a voice actor, and a social media guru your a triple threat! you will may many people knocking down your door asking you to work for them!


  20. Tee,

    Just catching up on all my podcasts and blogrolls from over the holidays. Points to you for handling this with such an absolute and total professionalism. I’ve seen so many professionals do so many stupid things over the years (My project management blog lives on these stupid tricks) and a disproportional number have to do with the interview or the exit process.

    So bang on to you and keep being a great example of a successful “9-5” professional who is also a successful author. You give the rest of us aspiring folks the hope and courage to try.

    Joel BC


  21. Tee, I’m not sure how I. Missed this, but I’m glad that you’re doing okay. This post and the following one on 5 things show just why you are such a valuable employee. I wish you the best.


  22. Three words for you my friend…I heart you.

    You have inspired me from hello and I find you to be a very special person who is loving, caring and gifted beyond belief. Sometimes, releasing ourselves from our present propels us to thing we never imagined.

    I too am wildly optimistic as you say…for you, your family and your future. You rock and you roll. Keep bringing YOU to all you do. Success will not be able to hide from you. Big things are coming and your former employer just gave you a very big gift.



  23. Onward and upward, Tee!

    Your attitude is really inspiring as I’m facing some major life changes myself right now in the job department. Thank you for always being so inspiring and motivational!



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