Lightning Strikes Twice: THE JANUS AFFAIR on Goodreads’ 2012 Choice Awards

As you have probably caught on TwitterFacebook, and the official website of the Ministry, our repeat appearance in the book readers’ social network, Goodreads, has been the subject of conversation. The first round was comprised of selections from title activity and reviews, and the second round included write-in nominations with the original nominees. This is not new territory for Pip and me as Phoenix Rising landed the eighth top slot for Best Science Fiction of 2011, but still…

We asked for your votes.

We watched the deadlines come and go.

And this week, you all made it official — The Janus Affair is a Finalist for Best Science Fiction of 2012.

Goodreads and its community of readers have spoken and here is (by author, in alphabetical order) their Top Ten Best Science Fiction of 2012:

  • Orson Scott Card, Shadows in Flight
  • Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris, The Janus Affair
  • James S.A. Corey, Caliban’s War
  • Nick Harkaway, Angelmaker
  • Hugh Howey, Wool Omnibus
  • Gini Koch, Alien Proliferation
  • James Luceno, STAR WARS: Darth Plagueis
  • Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter, The Long Earth
  • Rob Reid, Year Zero
  • John Scalzi, Redshirts

As we were when Phoenix Rising made it into the Top Ten of Goodreads’ Choice Awards, Pip and I are honored, thrilled, humbled, and hungry.

Yes, hungry. We ranked eighth in Science Fiction. This year, we want better!

By no means are we expecting to take the top spot (but don’t let that stop you from voting for us!!!) as we’re sharing space with New York Times bestsellers, Hugo winners, and Nebula winners. What we hoped for, this time around, was to see if we could have a repeat appearance for the Ministry, and you all made that happen. Now — here in the finals — what do we want?

This year, for the Ministry, we want a spot in the Top Five.

Between now and November 27, we need your help! If you haven’t voted yet and you have an account with Goodreads, please vote. Feel free to syndicate this blogpost. Share this blogpost on Facebook. Point people from Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn to Goodreads, and get them to cast a vote for agents Books and Braun.

We got to the Top Ten. Let’s see if we can crack into the Top Five alongside these other fine titles.



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