There and Back Again: My Return to Medifast

IMG_6563It was that awkward moment around Halloween 2012. Maybe you saw the image that went (mildly) viral? My costume was to be an homage to Monty Python, and I had nothing to worry about with it fitting as it was the “one size fits all” variety. I slipped on the base outfit and checked it in the mirror…

Then I turned to one side.

Then to the other.

When I smoothed out the front and my hand went out not down, I knew that a day I dreaded had finally arrived…

…but no, I’ll deal with it later. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as the costume made it look.

Fast forward to the first weekend of November, when Pip and I were at the Emerald City Steampunk Expo. I’m getting into my steampunk outfit, I go to button up my pants…and I can’t. Not the first time. Not the second time.

You can guess how the third attempt went.

It is at this point I accepted the fact that all the weight I had lost and kept off (give or take a few pounds) between 2007 and 2010 had returned in full gluttonous glory. Once back in Virginia, I asked Pip if she wanted to join me on Medifast. The program had worked for me, and I trusted their system. We agreed, and decided to get on the wagon – the two of us, together – the week of Thanksgiving.

Yeah. We went on a diet the week of Thanksgiving.

tee_morris_before_after193 was the starting weight. That was a hard number to have staring back at me from the floor. That was the 2006 Model Tee. I liked the 2007 Model Tee. It hadn’t been easy getting to that goal weight of 155, and I knew it was going to be even harder this go-round as I am now in my forties. Stepping off the scale, I looked at the week ahead Two Thanksgiving dinners, both offering my kryptonite — pumpkin pie. That’s what happens when your timing of “I’ve had it!” really stinks. I had two options:

  • Cry, piss, moan, and whine about it.
  • Do something about it, but just work a little harder.

I was expecting to feel as if I failed, seeing as I was back on the packets and bars. It was just the opposite. I felt a surge of pride. Well, pride and many trips to the loo on account of drinking lots and lots AND LOTS of water. (64 oz. / 8 pt. a day. Pip now appreciates the Mason jar glass.) I was taking control again, and I was determined to make it work.

If you are reading this post, it means today I passed the 20 pound milestone.


This time, I’m approaching the health and weight loss very differently. Instead of staying hardcore on the Medifast food – which, honestly, has been a surprise in how much the food had improved – I’m incorporating off-the-shelf food with the Medifast meals. I’m trying to approach how I’m eating differently along with what I eat. This is also to make sure when I step away from their food, I can transition much easier into “real” meals. This approach has made my 2012 “Get Fit” odyssey infinitely better.

The trade-off has been, though, the weight loss has been more gradual; but I’m in no hurry. I’d like to be lean by the time Dragon*Con rolls around in 2013 which was exactly what happened between 2006 and 2007. Looking at my stats on Weightbot, I appear to be right on track.

Medifast says “Give yourself goal treats but make sure these treats are not food related.” (So much for the Dogfish Lock-In…) and that is sound advice. On thinking about it, I decided that when I hit my desired goal of 155 (which, if I start strength training around 165, might change) I’m going to make an appointment with the incredibly talented J.R. Blackwell. I want to do a full on photo shoot involving steampunk, secret agents, and maybe even superheroes.  Considering what she did with me on the fly…


…I want to give her time to plan, plot, and prepare.

That goal is in my sights…and I intend to get there. So this is a charge to the lovely Miss Blackwell: Make sure your camera’s ready.



  1. What a wonderful idea for a reward! You know, it might just be worth it to fly up there and hire her to shoot me when I get to goal. I’ve got another 75 pounds or so to go, so I’ll have plenty of time to save for the airfare and photographer fees…


  2. Well done, sir! I’m looking forward to seeing *less* of you at the upcoming cons.

    That’s the downside of the Internet — it holds onto all those images forevah. The longer one is out in the public eye, the more photos. Some are good. Some are a reminder that one cannot eat whatever one chooses all the time.

    The spouse and I went on South Beach the week *after* T’Giving which made the holidays rather interesting. We’ve not had your impressive results, but the trend is downward and for that we are grateful. It took time to pack on, it’ll take time to pull it off.


  3. Keep plugging at it.

    Has the process helped you identify what your problem with food is? Eating too richly too often? Comfort foods in times of stress? Portion control? Identifying these things will help you keep on track when you get to your goal. That is usually the hardest part of stopping the yo-yo weight cycle.

    Good luck, my friend!



    1. It’s a combination of a lot of things that I already knew:

      I need to exercise. Period. I just wasn’t making the time or effort.
      I was eating out. A lot. And the portions (as well as the CRAZY sodium levels) weren’t helping.
      Stress eating. Two layoffs didn’t help.

      So yeah, I need to keep a sharp eye out for things like this. Otherwise, I’ll slip back to where I was last year.

      Roughly 20 pounds remaining. Onward….


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