Musings Over a Pint

IMG_4191.JPGToday reaches the end of what has been one of the fuck-craziest weeks of my existence on this rock hurtling through time and space. Not since high school or college can I recall a week where everything felt like it was happening all at the same time, and what would start as a busy week of ALL TEH THINGZ deteriorated into a countdown to when ALL TEH THINGZ would come to an end.

I’m enjoying a Cafe Vanilla Porter from Old Bust Head Brewery, officially declaring a highly-anticipated (from me!) conclusion a full-on week wherein the day job exploded on account of a new website launched in the same week when Pip took off for RT in Dallas to accept and award and, standing as Best Man, one of my best buddies got married, all while preparing for a 5K run I agreed to do with our daughter. Not even my visit to the Man Cave of Old Town took off the week’s edge.

This beer is my first, truly solitary deep breath.

Yes, deep breaths come in pints.

IMG_4187.JPGIn this Brewery of Solitude, I reflect on just how proud I am of our daughter. I felt like I was pushing her hard this morning not to stop, not to quit; and whether it was the heat, not getting enough sleep on account of the wedding (Thanks, Phil!), or if she was just looking for an easy out, she powered on through and ran every bit of those five kilometers, managing a hand-and-hand sprint at the end.

She wound up being the first of her teammates to cross the finish line.

I was proud enough of her just finishing what wound up being a hard race; but when I saw her time was under 35 minutes, I was elated. She had come so far from that first run back in the Fall of 2014. Really, really far. I don’t know if she gets it when I say “I’m proud of you…” Because I am. I don’t know if I express that enough. What an amazing little girl. I love you, Bear.

Then there is my wife, Pip, fling solo at the 2015 RT Convention this week. You see, we won “Best Steampunk of 2014” from RT’s Reviewers Choice Awards but with the wedding and the 5K, Pip had to travel solo. As I am blogging, Pip is signing books, kicking ass, and taking names. Again, does she know how proud I am of her? How much in awe I am of her? How much I lean on her for support and strength? Doubtful. Sometimes, I feel like I push her hard, too. I don’t know, maybe I’m being hyper-critical of myself in light of the wedding vows I heard last night between Phil and Tina (Thanks again, Phil!), but you know the previous evening granted me a bit of perspective.

Speaking of Phil and Tina, that wedding was a touch overwhelming. In a good way. There was just something about watching these two friends of ours take the next step together with a lot of hopes, dreams, and days before the two of them. It reminded me of the time before Pip, the time I have at present, and the time ahead for the two of us. As stressed out as I was in being a Best Man, I just wanted to make sure my part of the wedding met to their expectations. 


From the looks of the bride and groom, my Best Man Speech was a huge hit! (Seriously, thank you, Phil.)

IMG_4174.JPGNow with only today and tomorrow remaining, no commitments on the board, I am taking stock and feeling inspired. It’s time to sit down and write. I’m looking to the fifth novel in the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series as Pip is telling me from the reactions at RT “People love the series…” which is a great thing to hear in wake of the awards ceremony last night. I’ve also got a couple of short story ideas percolating, both of them in the Ministry universe where I’m finding more and more like a home-away-from-home just with a lot more brass fixtures and super-secret-agent gadgets. Then lurking in the shadows, which seems incredibly appropriate, is that urban fantasy I want to write. I should have finished it last year, but the point is I have not given up on it. Wolf in the Fold refuses to remain docile. That is a very good thing.

What are they putting in this beer at Old Bust Head?

Seeing as I’m fired up to write this afternoon, good stuff, I assure you.

Hey, if you like these little musings, I can go on and do this again. Just let me know. Right now though, I’ve got some thoughts to get down on paper, some words to herd, some magic to make.

Time to write.


  1. Love to you and all you do, Tee!
    You are always so busy taking care of others and I’m grateful for the beautiful family you have made together, through so many challenges.
    Why? Because I know you are safe as houses in their care. Always remember and never forget you deserve them!


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