MicroBrewed: A Flashback to the First Meeting


With the update of WordPress, I wanted to test how things are now running. It then dawned on me how long it has been since I posted the “recently” rebooted MicroBrewed. I did promise that Phil and I would return with flashbacks and new episodes, and so I figured I would give the upgrade a shakedown with this, the very first meeting I ever had with Phil!

So how far back does this episode reach?

  • Michael R. Mennenga and Evo Terra were podcasting Wingin’ It!
  • Phil was a newlywed.
  • I was working with the MobilePre USB to record this meeting.
  • Snakes on a Plane was just coming out to the theatres…
  • Many of the people and shows mentioned in this cast are no longer on pod.
  • Twitter didn’t exist.

In this pilot episode (where we didn’t even have a name for our show), we reviewed beers from the Old Dominion Brewing Company. While the Old Dominion Pub has closed down, the brewery is still making some fantastic beers…

….and the Ashburn Pub still uses insanely-small glasses for their drinks.


MicroBrewed: The Reboot

After enjoying a slot in Charlie the Beer Guy’s Speaking of Beer, Phil Rossi and I decided to take all this content we’ve been producing for well-on two years and turn it into our own show. Launching the TeeMorris.com Monster Feed is MicroBrewed, two guys who revel in their geekdom and enjoy the micro-brewed beers they drink. Recorded last night from Clyde’s in Loudon County, Virginia, we reboot the podcast within a podcast…and fly on our own with only a pint glass and our rapier wits as our co-pilots…

Heaven help us!


Featured Microbrews

Concerning Clyde’s. Just take a look at this place…
(click on the images for a better look)

And just so you know what it is we are nomming on during the recording…

Some of the topics we hit:

  • Clyde’s
  • Is Stella Atois really a “microbrew” considering its history?
  • The demise of Dominion
  • What you can expect from Microbrewed?

Thanks for listening, and feel free to leave comments for Phil and myself here. Sláinte!