Stranger on a Train V

What do you mean it’s Thursday?!

I had planned to work on my keynote for Create South 2009 but I had forgotten my PowerBook was out of juice. So maybe I am going to catch a few winks on this commute. Tomorrow I head down to Myrtle Beach and then it’s Saturday morning when I give my keynote speech.

Note to self: Remember my fiddle.

Today I got an email from my past. I remembered the times this girl and I had in Richmond (my hometown), but the way we parted company I figured I was just that: a good time. Nothing serious. Turns out I was wrong. I had made an impact. A crater maker as Hutch would put it. I’m a little surprised and quite humbled by her words.

I’m now wondering what kind of a person I am now, I suppose. Am I where I’m supposed to be, still on target, or a touch lost? At the moment, I’m on track but only in a literal sense.

You never know the impression you can make on people. I try not to take that for granted.

Stranger on a Train IV

I can’t stop staring at planes when they fly overhead.

It’s been a long day, but with the Blogging class done I feel as if I can finally focus on what’s next. When I finish the chapter tonight I will be two chapters short of the end of All a Twitter. I have a very good feeling about it, on a lot of levels.

I’m also trying to wrap my brain around the New Zealand trip. I’m going as a guest of LIANZA and Conscription. Still waiting to hear from Te Papa, but anything from this point is gravy.

No, I still can’t believe I’m really doing this.

Before I forget — would you really sharp developers stop upgrading your Twitter clients? Please? The stuff you’re doing is frightfully wicked-cool, but it is making All a Twitter impossible to write. No more upgrades until 2010. Okay?

I wonder how much Twhirl has changed now.

And I can’t stop thinking about airplanes…

Flutter…the Next Big Thing! *LOL*

This morning, I completed the ninth chapter of All a Twitter, but I may have to reconsider everything — and I mean, everything — and call up Que Publishing to renegotiate the book we agreed I would write.

This is going to be the next big thing in Social Media, and I want to write the first book on it!

Say hello to “Flutter.”

My editor at Que reads this blog, so let me say I’M JUST KIDDING!!! Seriously. I’m three chapters from wrapping up, and you think I want to do a rewrite from the beginning?!

Been there, done that, got a tee shirt, and I had said tee shirt ripped off me when the publisher tried to stiff me out of the advance.

I am hoping with where I’ve seen this video mentioned on Twitter that it goes viral on an apedemic scale. This is some funny, funny stuff. Consider me the first in line for “Sttr” and a pair of “Flutter Eyes.”

Stranger on a Train III

I know I’m not alone here, but I am hitting a brick wall figuratively…and now I’m considering it literally. Next to the picture of me is the job description of my latest rejection.

Two books in Social Media related fields, a third on the way.

Ten years of teaching experience, including courses in Social Media related fields.

Speaking engagements including the Library of Congress, the New Media Expo, Book Expo America, and coming this summer LIANZA (New Zealand)

Years of experience with audio and video software and hardware.

All this, and I’m blogging from my iPhone on a train…

Yeah…I’m apparently lacking the experience and skills you need, Mr Washingtonian needing a Social Media Manager. Frel you!

A bittersweet end to what was one astounding week. My first professional blog entry went live this week with Apple iPhone Apps and as you saw in the earlier rant LIANZA has booked me for FIVE talks in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand. So while the DC employers dismiss me, the Kiwis are rolling out the red carpet.

Maybe they just dig my accent.

I also found out that I am AHEAD in All a Twitter, so I want to use this weekend to stay ahead of the game. I also got a pat on the back from Wired Pig for using this WordPress iPhone app on what seems to be a really popular segment.

You know what? I dig blogging. I’ve been pretty steamed about the rejection, but sorting through it all, it’s their loss. Those idiots could have hired me, and gotten a return on their investment. Their loss. Not mine.

I’m Tee Morris, and I am hardly down, out, or defeated. I am just warming up in the batter’s circle. Go deep.